Erdkinder (Middle School)

Erdkinder Math teacher Meghan BoothErdkinder science teacher Kate O'Grady
Math teacher Meghan Booth              Science teacher Kate O'Grady

Erdkinder Language teacher Lauren LundErdkinder Social world teacher Shelby Wagner
Language teacher Lauren Lund and Social World teacher Shelby Wagner


Our seventh and eighth grade program (which Maria Montessori called Erdkinder) strives for high academic expectations, community involvement, and an atmosphere of respect. Our program prepares students very well both for high school and for productive adult lives. Our teachers believe in creativity and innovation in education and emphasize every student doing their best quality work at all times. Our low student-teacher ratio creates strong relationships and allows for individual attention. All students have the same teachers for both seventh and eighth grade; in this way, a great deal of trust and rapport is built up between teachers, students, and families. 

About the Teachers‚Äč

Shelby Wagner, Social World,  "Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good". Shelby grew up in Iowa before moving to Rochester, MN and eventually Winona 2 years ago. She enjoys spending time with her family out camping, hiking, visiting museums, or watching movies. Shelby is an animal lover and owns a bunny named Sir and a cat named Logan (for you Wolverine fans). She is a huge superhero fan and loves anything related to Marvel, especially X-Men. In her spare time you can find her doing anything related to art, music, and of course SOCIAL STUDIES!

Lauren Lund, English. I knit, therefore I rock. Lauren grew up in Chicagoland but came to the great Winona valley to attend school. She fell in love with the area and decided to stay. In her free time she knits, spends time with her two dogs, Drake and Max, reads, and enjoys long walks with her husband.

Meghan Booth, Math, hails from the wild wild west. Growing up in the great Northwest, she is a lifetime fan of the Timbers. She enjoys spending time with her dog Larry, her cats, and her husband. Between prepping for her math job at Bluffview and teaching science at the Middle School, you can often find her enjoying game night with her friends.

Kate O’Grady, Natural World, grew up in the distant lands of Minnesota City. Moving all the way to Pickwick, she has traveled through Winona numerous times. You can often find Kate singing and enjoying the outdoors when she’s “teaching”. In her free time she sings and enjoys the outdoors. She enjoys spending time with her family, often outside and singing.