Head Lice

Head Lice Information

 Head Lice Info Sheet
1.     Lice do not jump, hop or fly but they can move fast. Head-to-head contact is the usual mode of transmission.
2.     Healthy lice stay close to the head, making it difficult to get lice from hats, combs, brushes and the like.
3.     Head lice prefer clean hair that they can more easily latch on to (it is not a sign of uncleanliness).
4.     Pets do not pass lice to humans.
5.     Head lice do not spread infection or disease.
6.     Signs of head lice: itchy scalp, crawly feeling, red scratch marks especially at nape of neck.
7.     Head lice have usually been around for a month or more before being detected.
8.     Follow directions when treating head lice with over the counter products. Most recommend retreatment in 7 to 10 days. If live lice are not dead after treatment, call your doctor. There have been reports of resistance to some lice shampoos.
9.     Nits (lice eggs) are difficult to remove. A special fine-toothed metal comb is the most effective way of removing nits. They do not wash out.
10. The most effective screening occurs when parents check their own children on a regular basis. School wide screenings are not recommended by experts. It does not help to prevent the spread of lice but can make parents think they do not need to check at home.
11. Nit and lice removal is tedious. Some unproven but popular products that may help with loosening the “cement” that nits attach to the hair with are: vinegar, real mayonnaise, vegetable oils and Dawn dish soap. They have not been shown to be an effective treatment for live lice.
12. Remember, the treatment of head lice is now based on sound research. In the past, companies who profited from “Head Lice Hysteria” encouraged misconceptions concerning lice. Trust your school nurse to give you information that is evidence-based. There is a lot of inaccurate information on the internet. Please do inform us if your child has lice.
Reliable sources of information include:
American Academy of Pediatrics
            Identify Us
            Center for Disease Control