Head Lice Procedure

Head Lice School Procedure

Adult head louse magnified
It is safe to assume that head lice (like strep throat) are usually present in school. Once we are able to see lice, they have probably been present at least a month.
Parents are encouraged to regularly check their children’s heads (every two (2) weeks is recommended). School may or may not know about head lice and it is frequently identified incorrectly.
If a parent reports a case of head lice, we will check heads of siblings at their request and the child who had it before they return to the classroom.
No letters will be sent to classmates or entire school body unless there are 3 or more cases in a classroom in a month. This is a confidential manner, we will not share names of who has lice with other parents.
No whole group screenings will be done at school. Research says it does not help and gives parents a false sense of security.
If live lice are identified by the school nurse, the student will be sent home for treatment at the end of the day. 
Parents are urged to follow instructions on the lice shampoo exactly and treat everyone who has live lice. Most will require retreatment in 7 to 10 days.
Classrooms are vacuumed here daily by the cleaning service. No lice sprays will be used in school, they are harmful to many children