Erdkinder Teacher Job Description

Erdkinder Teacher Job description

Job Title: Montessori Erdkinder Teacher
Reports to: Head of School
Qualifications: AMI, AMS, or NCME certification preferred
BA/BS degree or higher
Minnesota State Teacher License in area of specialty
Knowledge & Skills: Broad understanding of early adolescent development and educational needs and ability to successfully apply these concepts
Proficient in areas of media, technology, and current software applications
Demonstrates ability to work with students within a Montessori framework.
Ability to organize, supervise and communicate effectively with parents/staff/students.

Responsibilities: Assume full responsibility for Middle School class, which fosters the total development of the child according to the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori and AMI or AMS or NMCE guidelines as appropriate.
Oversee and implement assigned areas of the curriculum
Be knowledgeable about MN state standards and participate in the development and alignment of the curriculum to standards as needed.
Prepare and maintain the learning environment.

Ensure the safety and well-being of the students at all times.

Administer and evaluate standardized tests as scheduled.

Make and purchase materials for the classroom within budgetary guidelines.

Keep accurate and updated records of each student’s progress.

Foster an atmosphere of respect and harmony; emphasize communication, interdependence, cooperation and global awareness.

Coordinate parent conferences each year as scheduled; maintain ongoing dialogue with parents during the entire school year.

Be active in preparing and presenting at parent meetings, faculty meetings and professional in-service events as appropriate.

Carry out procedures, policies and responsibilities as outlined in the Bluffview Montessori School handbook.

Be willing to serve on the Board of Directors and committees.

Carry out all procedures and responsibilities as outlined in the Bluffview Montessori Personnel Policies in addition to other duties as assigned by administration or the BOD

Plan and participate in Immersion activities.