Children's House 3

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Ms. Anna          Ms. Evi

About CH3

Children’s House 3 is a community based environment that strives for order, coordination, concentration  and independence.  Students learn through the process of life and academic skills.  Concepts and skills learned begin in a concrete manner and work towards an abstract manner.  Through the Montessori curriculum, students are able to create their inner selves and grow into their full potential.  

About Ms. Anna

I attended Winona State University in Minnesota and graduated with a double major in Early Education and Elementary Education with Pre-Primary.  I received my Montessori training from MMTTC in Illinois.  After five years of teaching at Bluffview Montessori I received my master’s degree from St. Catherine’s University in Minnesota.  I have two children, a daughter and a son, who also attend Bluffview Montessori.    

Currently studying

LEAVES!  We will be discovering types of tree leaves through leaf rubbings, leaf prints using cool colors and leaf categorizing by shape, vein and margin.  Parts of a turkey will also be discovered.  

Coming soon Thanksgiving!