Specialist Programs

Specialist Programs

Art, counseling, health, instrumental and vocal music, physical education, special education

The core curriculum at Bluffview Montessori School is enhanced by a variety of special classes and services, including the following:

Elementary students receive art instruction from our art instructor once a week for an hour. Erdkinder (grades 7 and 8) students receive art instruction once a week for 80 minutes. Children's House students (preschool and kindergarten) participate in art activities in their classroom.

BMS employs a school counselor at .8 time (4 days a week). The counselor offers weekly (30 minute) classroom instruction at the lower elementary level, as well as weekly (30 minute) classroom instruction at the upper elementary level for half the year; for the other half of the year, these students participate in health class with the school nurse. The main areas of discussion are bullying, friendship skills, communication and conflict resolution, as well as social skills. Small group sessions mostly focus on social skills and meet once a week for twenty minutes from October through April. Individual sessions can cover any topic related to school or home. Anger management and self-esteem are popular topics. Individual sessions can be scheduled once a week for 20 minutes or students can “drop in” as needed.

Health classes are taught by one of our school nurses or our counselor, and cover topics such as nutrition, first aid, preventive health, and sexual education following the National Health Standards. Lower elementary (E1) students meet with our school counselor on an occasional basis and have lessons as needed emphasizing hand washing and staying healthy. Students in our Upper Elementary program (E2) have either counseling or health class once a week for 30 minutes. The curriculum rotates yearly with an emphasis on first aid, disease or nutrition. Erdkinder students have health class once a week for forty minutes. The class is taught by the counselor, who is also certified in Health 7-12. Topics rotate on a two-year cycle, and include nutrition, drugs/alcohol/tobacco, mental health, and sex education. The Erkinder health class is graded with weekly homework assignments.

Instrumental music program
Beginning in fifth grade, students have the opportunity to participate in our instrumental music program. Students may participate in either the band or orchestra, with an option to also join the advanced string ensemble or the jazz band. Students participating in the instrumental music program receive individual or group instruction once a week and practice with the band or orchestra once a week as well. Instrumental music students put on a band and an orchestra concert once a year, as well as a recital during Montessori Week.

Music program
Elementary students receive general music education, including instruction with Orff instruments, in half-hour classes twice a week. Erdkinder students participate in hour-long choir lessons once a week. Students give concerts several times a year.

Physical education

One unique aspect of the physical education program at Bluffview is that part of the instruction occurs in small groups; the low student-teacher ratio in these small groups allows the instructor to offer more individualized attention to each student. Kindergarten students participate in physical education class once a week for thirty minutes. Elementary students participate in half-hour physical education classes three times a week. Erdkinder students participate in 40-minute long physical education classes twice a week.
Special education
Bluffview Montessori School employs 3 full-time special education specialists and offers special education services, including Individualized Education Plans, in accordance with all state and federal requirements. To learn more, visit the Special Education tab under "For Parents".