Elementary 2A

Welcome to E2A!

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About E2A

E2A is a community of fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students who love learning and are eager to share knowledge with one another. Within the Montessori setting, we are continuously exploring the interconnectedness of all things, attempting to find where we fit in the big puzzle of the universe.

About Mrs. Heim

I began my Montessori journey unintentionally, but the more I learn and explore, the more I become energized and excited by the materials, lessons, and collaboration. I am currently continuing my own education, working toward my Masters of Education in Montessori, so I can be better-equipped to walk with my students on this amazing path of learning.

Currently Studying in October

E2A has been sharing a weekly classroom community time, where we have been exploring the impact various innovations have had on society. We have learned about sewers and being clean, electricity, glass, and time and have been amazed at the progress we have made in society due to these inventions.

Coming Soon!

We will have a field trip to Saint Mary's University to see "Rock the Presidents" on November 11.