Meet the Board of Directors

Meet the Board of Directors of Bluffview


Ann-Marie Dunbar, Chair  

leifeld Molly Leifeld, Secretary My name is Molly Leifeld and this is my 7th year as an E1 teacher (1st, 2nd and 3rd grades) at Bluffview Montessori School. It is also my 3rd year as Secretary on Bluffview’s Board of Directors. I received my B.S. in Elementary Education from Winona State University, my Montessori Certification from the Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center, and my Masters in Education from St. Catherine University. I am also currently a member of the Pedagogy, Human Resources and Social Committees. I enjoy serving the community of Bluffview through my work as a member on the Board of Directors.

  Katie Kinneberg, Treasurer     

My name is Katie Kinneberg. This is my 10th year teaching in Children’s House 2. I am currently serving on the Pedagogy and Social Committees. This is my sixth year on Board of Directors. I have a Masters degree in elementary education with multiple licenses, and Montessori Certification for 3-6 year old children. I am looking forward to doing my part in serving our community.

Kelly Dicke, Community Member


  Lauren Lund, Teacher Member

  Jacob Teichroew, Vice-Chair     

My name is Jacob Teichroew and I am a 7th and 8th grade Social Studies Teacher in the Erdkinder middle school program at Bluffview. This is my 10th year working at Bluffview in some capacity or another. I am also an assistant Nordic ski coach and soccer coach at the Winona High School in addition to heading up the Youth In Government program through the Winona YMCA. This is my third on the board and I enjoy serving the communities of Bluffview and Winona.

Erich Lippman, Parent Member

Dr. Erich Lippman (Ph.D. University of Minnesota) has served as an Assistant Professor of History at Saint Mary's University (SMU) since 2012.  Before arriving in Winona, he taught for five years at Bethany College in West Virginia.  His SMU courses cover global history and modern European history, as well as specialty topics such as the modern Middle East, Ottoman Empire, Imperial Russia and Soviet Union. Dr. Lippman's area of expertise is Russian Intellectual history with a focus on the interactions between religion and modernity in revolutionary Russia.  Dr. Lippman has two children in our elementary program and serves as a parent member of the Bluffview Board of Directors.