Public Relations

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee informs and assists the Head of School and Board regarding communication-related issues, which may include but are not limited to advertising and goodwill campaigns. The Head of School and Board may also consult the Public Relations Committee for assistance with internal and external communication.

What we do

Our committee develops and manages:
-the school website
-Bluffview's Facebook page
-Bluffview's YouTube channel
-marketing materials, such as brochures
-media relations (newspaper, TV and radio)
-branding and graphic identity
-special projects and campaigns

Why we do it

Communication is supremely important to create and maintain an informed, inclusive Bluffview community. Equally important is sharing our rich Bluffview story with the Winona community, letting area parents, neighbors and leaders know who we are and what we do here at Bluffview. Attracting new parents to our school helps keep Bluffview's enrollment strong.

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