Meet the talented, dedicated Communications & PR team

Bluffview is pretty lucky to have a team of passionate, hard-working parent-volunteers managing communications and public relations for the school.

Jill Krase

Jill is a bookish (and we mean that in the best possible way) English buff who plunges deeply and headlong into service at Bluffview. At last count, she was on three committees! (We should really create an award for her).

Mollee Sheehan

Mollee works as the director of web communications at Winona State Univeristy where she wears many hats, including developing online marketing and communications strategy, teaching web workshops, and managing and creating content for WSU's web and social media sites.

Contact Mollee if you have ideas for or questions about: news stories, website content or social media.

Jennifer Williamson

Anyone who knows Bluffview likely knows Jennifer. She's a longtime board member who has had all four of her children at Bluffview over the past eight years. By day she teaches Communications Studies at Winona State University; by night, she is shuttling her kids to activities and managing the logistics of an active, engaged household. Jennifer devotes much of her "free time" to Bluffview work, whether she's helping design a brochure or post card or newspaper ad, or working with other board members to problem solve the best ways to shape school policy.

Contact Jennifer if you have ideas for or questions about: print publications, advertisements, Bluffview's graphics.

Jerry Windley-Daoust

Those who know Jerry believe he is a superhero. Family man, pro writer and editor, and an all-around really great guy. Before his career as a full-time dad, Jerry worked as a journalist. Smart, honest and easy to work with, Jerry has written much of the content for Bluffview's brochures, newsletters and webpages. He also created some fantastic videos.

Contact Jerry for questions and ideas about: video projects or writing and editing of Bluffview communications.