2012 Staff Technology Survey Results

2012 Staff Technology Survey and results
Technology Needs Assessment Survey 2012
Bluffview Montessori

1. What is the level you teach?
a. Children’s House -3
b. E1 -3
c. E2 -3
d. Erdkinder -3
e. A combination of levels -8

2. In regard to using on-line lesson sites, choose one of the following that best describes yourself:
a. I do not use the Internet for lesson plans or curricular materials -4
b. I know of websites that offer lesson plans in my curricular area -1
c. I have visited a website and looked at/used a lesson plan or other curricular support materials this year -6
d. I have used several lesson plans or curricular support materials from websites in the last year -9

3.Do you check your email daily and share information with colleagues?
a. Yes -20
b. No -0

4. I can send and receive (and open) email attachments: (Choose one of the following)
a. Never perform/doesn’t apply -0
b. Rarely perform/need assistance -0
c Occasionally perform -4
d. Often perform/have some expertise -7
e. Frequently perform/can assist others -9

5. I regularly collaborate with the school library media specialist for assistance with instructional program planning and implementation:
a. Disagree -10
b. Disagree somewhat -3
c. Agree somewhat -5
d. Agree -2

6. Do you develop learning activities that incorporate technology?
a. Yes -9
b. No -10
*one person circled both – did not record
•If we had enough computers that work

7. Do you assist students in identifying appropriate technology resources?
a. Yes - 11
b. No -9

8. Do you utilize PowerPoint in your classroom? (Choose one of the following)
a. No -16
b. I create presentations for students to view -2
c. I have students create them as a culmination of their research projects -0
d. Both students and myself -2

9. How would you rate your skill level at using the ADVANCED SEARCH features of search engines such as Google? (Choose one)
a. I don’t use it -3
b. Beginner -6
c. Intermediate -10
d. Advanced -1

10. I have a computer at home:
a. Yes -20
b. No -0

11. I have internet access at home:
a. Yes -20
b. No -0

12. Are you comfortable integrating technology into your classroom? (Choose one of the following)
a. Yes -7
b. Yes with assistance/training -11
c. No -2

13. Do you feel you have adequate access to technology?
a. Yes -10
b. No -9
“Yes” 2-E1 teachers, 2-Erdkinder teachers, 1-E2 teacher, 2-Children’s House teachers, 3- teachers that work with a combination of levels
“No” 0-E1 teachers, 1-Erdkinder teacher, 2-E2 teachers, 1-Children’s House teacher, 5-teachers that work with a combination of levels
“Sort of” 1-E1 teacher

14. Do you know how to use the online catalog in the media center?
a. Yes -10
b. No -10

The following questions are about types of technology. Please choose ONE of the responses that best describes your thoughts.

15. Digital cameras:
a. I have never used one before -0
b. I would like to learn more about how I could use a digital camera -5
c. I am comfortable using a digital camera -15

16. Digital cameras in my classroom:
a.I have access to a digital camera - 17
b.I have designed a curricular project using digital photographs -0
c.I have designed a curricular project that requires students to use digital photographs. -0

a.I have never used one before -3
b.I would like to learn more about how I could use a scanner with my classes. -7
c.I feel confident using a scanner on my own. -6
d.I have my own scanner. -8

18. What measures do you take personally to stay current with ever-changing technology? Check all that apply:
a.I read journals -0
b.I explore on my own -12
c.I attend conferences/workshops -1
d.I learn from others -16

19. I understand the basics of entering and editing text in word processing:
a.Never perform -0
b.Rarely perform/need assistance -0
c.Occasionally perform -4
d.Often perform/have some expertise -5
e.Frequently perform/can assist others -11

20. In a Word document, I can create columns, and change the font, style, and size of the text:
a.Never perform -0
b.Rarely perform/need assistance -0
c.Occasionally perform -8
d.Often perform/have some expertise -3
e.Frequently perform/can assist others -9

21.I can create and use bookmarks on the Internet:
a.Never perform -2
b.Rarely perform/need assistance - 0
c.Occasionally perform -9
d.Often perform/have some expertise 2
e.Frequently perform/can assist others -7

22. I can create a simple spreadsheet using Excel.
a.Never perform -4
b.Rarely perform/need assistance -2
c.Occasionally perform -8
d.Often perform/have some expertise -2
e.Frequently perform/can assist others -4

Please answer the following questions.

23. How do your students use the Internet and/or databases for research?
My students use the internet for most of their research projects
I use Google and then read the page titles carefully before opening anything. I do not spend much time helping students in this.
Reports, clarification
o Don’t
o To research specific diseases in class
o We have 1 working computer in the classroom. Students get the opportunity to use it only 30 minutes per week
o I usually provide them with the sites I want them to use for research
o Students do Google search to look for pictures and Wikipedia for basic research knowledge
o My students do this frequently. They have learned to use the ELM database in my class.
o Don’t use
o Use my classroom computer to look things up on Google
o They don’t
o Not at all

24. Of the technology resources that are available to you here, what do you use the most with your students?
• Internet (4)
• Library catalog
• Computer lab (2)
• Computers (6)
• Smartboard
• iPad (4)
• Do not use
• Limited internet use for research projects
• Students do 20 minutes/week on Mavis beacon typing in lab
• None – computers not reliable enough except for occasional use
• No technology in Children’s House
• Camera (2)
• I use calculators and a computer program called Geogebra
• Word documents
• I could integrate more technology in my class.
• I take pictures.

25. How have you integrated technology into your curriculum to foster higher level thinking skills?
• Not really yet. Would like training on how to.
• Have not integrated technology in my curriculum
• iPad podcasts
• Powerpoint presentations
• Used the Smartboard in the resource room
• Have not
• Very limited
• Assigning research projects
• Do not use
• I don’t know how to make this possible with limited tools and resources.
• Simple research
• By using basic tools for basic computation, students may focus on more abstract mathematical concepts.
• Watching and analyzing videos
• Using applications on the iPad and giving students specific things to research
• My second and third year (students) come to the computer lab once a week.
• I haven’t.

26. What technology driven topics would you like to see addressed at staff development days or summer trainings?
• Technology for E1 aged students
• How to teach keyboarding
• Not sure
• I would like to incorporate technology in the ADSIS program. Games, etc. are a fun way to learn. Are there research based sites
• Integration of technology in all areas of curriculum
• Different and appropriate uses – the frequency with which they are used.
• Want to learn more about Outlook, like how to use calendar options
• Open to suggestions
• Computers
• iPads (4)
• Smartboards
• Overhead/touch screens
• How to teach online research – don’t send students to wiki based sites
• Websites class (2)
• Computerized record keeping (2)
• Google docs
• How to create charts and graphs in Excel
• How to limit sites that are best for students
• How to teach students to organize files
• I am not certain
• Using and incorporating technology in the classroom
• Best sites for students’ research

27. What do you think could be done to improve our library media center facilities/services to assist students?
• More computers
• iPad area
• Computers that are in working order (4)
• Library/media teaching skills necessary to meet standards
• Create a list of web resources for teachers to utilize
• Big screen for demonstrations
• Research link on Bluffview’s website
• Need more computers! Always issues when typing in lab (i.e. Keyboard doesn’t work, frozen, slow)
• Upgrade computers
• More computers that work
• More work on word/typing

28. What other media and technology resources would you like to see added for staff and students?
• MP3 players and iPads in classroom
• Laptops for teachers
• More ipads (2)
• Smartboards (3)
• More updated and working computers
• Video recording and editing
• Creating podcasts
• Typing program to learn to type
• Laptops or tablets for teaching staff to use for observations and computerized record keeping
• Document cameras
• Touch screen computers
• Perhaps a record-keeping software program for Children’s House
• 3 computers in classroom
• New small, portable overhead projector
• Laptop for teacher
• Knowledge and system for online homework and individual practice for math in school
• Continue to upgrade PC’s so they are reliable
• I think the technology is fine – I just need to be more “fluent” in it to be a better teacher using it. I need to think differently.
• I am not certain
• More computers and iPads
• More apps for iPads