2013-2015 Technology Plan (Draft)

Bluffview Montessori Technology Plan 2013-2015

Bluffview Montessori School
District 4007
Technology Plan
July 1, 2013-June 30, 2015
Stephanie Wehman, Head of School
1321 Gilmore Avenue
Winona, MN 55987

(Winona School District 861, Authorizer)

Technology Plan Cover Sheet
2013-2015 (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2015)

District/Agency/School (legal name):BLUFFVIEW MONTESSORI SCHOOL
District Number:4001

Technology Plan Status
The District/Agency/School has an approved 2012 technology bridge plan:
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2013-2015 Technology Plan Date of Creation: 5/23/2012

Address 1321 GILMORE AVENUE WINONA, MN 55987
Phone Number & E-mail 507-452-2807

Address 1321 GILMORE AVENUE WINONA, MN 55987
Phone Number & E-mail 507-452-2807 LCLOUTIER@BLUFFVIEWMONTESSORI.ORG

2013-15 Technology Plan Template
Instructions: Use the format below to complete your responses.

1.Technology Needs Assessment: Describe the processes(s) used to determine the technology needs for the LEA for 2013-2015 and briefly summarize the needs that have been determined. Make sure to include any technology needs that will be supported through E-rate discounts, such as telephone, telecommunications access, Internet, and other E-rate eligible served.

The current technology committee was formed in September, 2011. The last technology plan had been written for 2005-2007, and there had not been a technology committee for many years. The members included: Lori Cloutier (Special Education Teacher, Board of Director member, Technology Committee Chairperson), Stephanie Wehman (Head of School), Tim Stark (Middle School Social Studies Teacher), Chad Kjorlein (Parent and Winona State Technology Coordinator), Mark Kringe (owner of Valley Computers, the company that assists Bluffview with their technology needs), Ray Dretske (parent and CEO of rSchoolToday, a school website company), Mollee Sheehan (parent and Winona State University website designer). The committee worked with a company, Valley Computers, to improve the technology at Bluffview. A remote server was designed to allow staff to work from home as well as update the email system. An internet use policy was developed and approved, a internet filtering system was installed, and professional development was done throughout the year to help staff learn about the remote server and the email capabilities. The MN Secure Browser was installed for the MCA’s, and the NWEA MAPS assessments were updated. Through the education district, all of Bluffview’s assessment data was placed in a Data Warehouse for staff to utilize. With the help of the Public Relations Committee, the school website went through significant changes to improve usability, and the use of social networking and other internet options were implemented to promote the school and enhance enrollment. The committee has met monthly and plans to continue to do so in the future.

Bluffview Montessori used several methods for determining the technology needs for the 2013-2015 Technology Plan. Bluffview staff members completed a Technology Needs Assessment in January. The staff also participated in a half-day workshop where they went through the Minnesota Information and Technology Literacy Standards to determine additional needs of our students. The information gathered from the newly formed technology committee was also used.

Using this information, the technology committee identified the following needs:
• Update computer lab to accommodate online testing and assessments and provide student technology instruction
• Increase computer/student ratio (outside of computer lab)
• Improve teacher’s ability to monitor student achievement and behavior
• Develop and provide technology curriculum for students
• Increase number of interactive whiteboards in classrooms
• Provide professional development for staff members and administration in technology
• Continue to improve school website that provides resources for parents, teachers, and students

Assessments: The following student assessments are conducted by Bluffview Montessori that requires computers:
• NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAPS) in reading, mathematics, and language in grades 2-8 . The assessment meets the Minnesota requirement for charter schools for pre and post testing, and is given in the fall and spring of each year. To measure progress in meeting our AYP goals, the MAPS were also given in January in math and reading.
• MCA Math for grades 3-8, Science for grades 5 and 8, and we will be doing the computerized Reading for grades 3-8 beginning in the 2012-2013 school year.

Bluffview Montessori will be seeking E-rate discounts for the following services for 2013-2015 funding year: telecommunication services including local and long distance phone service, voicemail service, maintenance of fiber connections, internet access, web hosting and basic maintenance of internal connections, server and network.

2. Goals and Strategies: List the specific goals and strategies for 2013-2015 that address how your LEA will use technology to deliver education and assist with school administration.

A. Purchase and utilize technology to provide teachers and students with current resources
• Replace and maintain nine year old computers in computer lab for online assessments
• Install at least 2 computers in each classroom with internet access for students to do research, word processing, and curriculum reinforcement.
• Increase the number of computer tablets from one per classroom in the E1 and E2 classrooms to two tablets in all classrooms
• Purchase one mobile lab with 15 computer tablets with wireless access
• Provide each classroom teacher with a laptop computer with recording software for Montessori curriculum/student reporting and behavior reporting software.
• Purchase 23” touch screen computer, monitor, and projector for E1 and E2 classrooms
• Purchase and/or develop curriculum for students in grades 1-8 in internet safety, information technology, and computer literacy. Implement the curriculum through training present staff, utilize qualified parents and community members to provide curriculum, and/or consider hiring additional staff to provide curriculum
B. Increase training in area of technology for teachers, administration, and staff
• Provide training for basic to advanced Office (Outlook, PowerPoint, Word. Publisher)
• Provide training in use of iPad in the classroom
• Provide training in use of interactive whiteboards
• Provide training to teachers on Montessori tracking software and behavior software
• Develop training in research resources that will be provided on website
• Continue to provide training and development in using assessment data and Data Warehouse for teachers when planning instruction
• Provide resources and training for teachers to meet the MN Information and Technology Literacy Standards

C. Improve use of technology
• Develop replacement cycle for computers once new computers are purchased
• Allow parents to pay online through website update
• Develop resources for parents, teachers, and students to find information about research (teacher approved internet sites to be used for research and skill improvement for students, online encyclopedias, Minitex, Ebsco host, Learning Navigator) on school website
• Develop technology guidelines to compliment Appropriate Use Policy (cell phone use, social networking, staff technology use)

3. Professional Development Plan: Describe the professional development strategies you have in place for 2013-2015 to ensure LEA staff are prepared to use the technology infrastructure, software programs, and online resources provided:

i. Provide a technology in-service training for all staff at the start of the year that would address email, website use, remote server use, Appropriate Use Policy, behavior monitoring program and other requested topics of interest
ii. Provide an in-service training for all Montessori teachers at the start of the year that would teach and review Montessori student tracking program each year
iii. Provide a technology Parent Education Night for all parents at the start of the year that would address the Appropriate Use Policy, cell phone usage, social networking, how technology is used at Bluffview Montessori, and other needed topics
iv. Provide at least two half-day staff development sessions on topics listed in this technology plan each year
v. Classroom teachers would provide at least one session for their students on Appropriate Use Policy, cell phones, social networking, internet safety at the beginning of each year
vi. Provide at least two one-hour staff development sessions during monthly teacher meeting times on topics listed in this technology plan each year

4. Evaluation: Explain the evaluation process for your technology plan for 2013-2015, including timeline, roles and responsibilities, and information gathered to assess how the technology plan goals and strategies are being met.

The technology committee will meet monthly, and will evaluate progress on the plan as part of their monthly agenda.
The technology committee will administer surveys yearly to the students, parents, and staff to assess technology usage in relation to needs, effectiveness, ease, and understanding.
The technology committee will review technology expenditures as part of their monthly agenda.
The technology committee will conduct an annual technology needs assessment in order to make recommendations for staff development, improving student achievement, and parent communication.
The technology committee will report to the Board of Directors monthly in regard to their activity through the minutes of the committee meetings.
A member of the Board of Directors will be appointed to the Technology Committee each year.
The committee will also report to the Board of Directors each year in regard to the progress of this technology plan.

5. Optional Links: Provide links to district strategic planning documents, survey instruments, policies, or other resources that were used to provide data and help prepare the technology plan.
a) 2012 Teacher Technology Needs Assessment Survey and results http://www.bluffviewmontessori.org/page/3210
b) Results of teacher in-service using the Information and Technology Literacy Standards http://www.bluffviewmontessori.org/page/3211

6. Link to Current Technology Plan: Provide the link on the LEA website where the technology plan will be posted and updated throughout the planning period. http://www.bluffviewmontessori.org/page/3209

7. Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
This LEA has an Internet Safety/Acceptable Use Policy in place.
Yes XX No

If yes, please provide a link to access the policy at the LEA website.

This school district deploys an Internet filter to protect minors from material that is pornographic or otherwise harmful to them.
Yes XX No