August 2011

August, 2011

Technology Committee Meeting
August 30, 2011
Members attending: Lori Cloutier, Tim Stark, Stephanie Wehman, Ray Dretske, Chad Kjorlien
Members absent: Peter Bell, Michele Brommerich-Voelker, Mark Krinke, Mollee Sheehan, Brad Martin
The Technology Committee held an organizational meeting on Tuesday, August 30. Tim Stark volunteered to act as recorder for the committee and work on the website for the Technology Committee page. He will set up a Googledocs account for the committee to use. A technology committee job description was discussed and agreed upon, that included membership requirements, a goal, responsibilities, and meeting time. (See attached copy)
The committee discussed how staff members will notify Valley Computers of computer problems and needs. Mark from Valley Computers had recommended direct contact through an email that they would set up. Ray suggested setting the email to work through the BMS website so that the Technology Committee could monitor the number of requests and the types of requests. As soon as Lori gets the email from Valley Computers, she will contact Ray to set that up.
The committee informally discussed policies and procedures that need to be developed for the school, including:
1. Appropriate Technology Use Policy for Staff and Students
2. Technology requests for staff (Both equipment and software requests)
3. Budget requests
Next meeting: Thursday, September 22 at 5:00 pm.